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Mission - Handed down to next gene ratio in the footsteps of Hino Contessa 1300 just two years and seven months!
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The White Contessa
The Renovation
Future Hino Contessa prohect in New Zealand
NZ production Contessa newly repainted by original Gulf Blue
Future Hino Contessa prohect in the Netherlands
Hino Contessa, challenging for returning Japan (From Sri Lanka) - "MOTTAINAI"
Colombia - Starting@renovation!
Colombia - Working progress
Colombia - Completed!
Colombia - Mystery Hino
Sleeving Clutch & Brake Cylinders (J)
Thickness of rubber seal in Master Brake/Clutch pump (cylinder) (J)
Brale & Clutch Lines (J)
Simple re-production of gaskets using PC (J)
Reproducing Air Element (J)
Reproducing Oil Element (J)
Solutions for Clutch Operating Hose (J)
Rebuilding Clutch Hose (J)
Front Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder (1) (J)
Front Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder (2) (J)
Front Drum Brake Wheel Cylinder (3) (J)
Fun to Drive Hino Contessa - Engine Renovation #1 (J)
White Wall Tires - Whitening (J)
Blue Sedan History (J)
Hino Cars Global Census Project

Future Hino Contessa prohect in New Zealand

This Hino Contessa 1300 Coupe is very valueable car as one of three
that was exported from Japan to New Zealand in those days.
Contessa 1300 Sedan was produced in New Zealand in complete knockdown production
in New Zealand, but the coupe was shipped from Japna in the reason of small valum.
(A detail will be later)

(Original M. Davin, 2004.10)
(Modified SE, 2009.5.30)