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Mission - Handed down to next gene ratio in the footsteps of Hino Contessa 1300 just two years and seven months!
The descent of Hino to Contessa 1300
Major events about Contessa 1300

New - Hino's Dream、Entrusting to Contessa
1. Contessa 1300 which bets future of the company
1.1 Debut to year of Tokyo Olympics
1.2 The straw of barley hat which could be sold in large quantities
1.3 Announcement - Car of tomorrow from Torino, Italy
1.4 Tokyo motor show which designates liberalize of Japan's trade as before
2. Count lady (Contessa) to created
2.1 The Origin, Hoshiko-ism
2.2 Why was Renault 4CV selected?
2.3 Technical acquisition to complete domestic production
2.4 The parting with Renault
2.5 Appearance of a special night‐duty squad
3. Encounter with Michelotti
3.1 At Torino bar
3.2 The Contessa 1300 plan
3.3 Gift of Michelotti - 900 Sprint
3.4 The marketing plan which goes out
4. The birth of Contessa 1300
4.1 Creating high quality RR engine
4.2 Exciting argument with Michelotti
4.3 Towarding to the completion of Contessa 1300
5. The challenge of Count lady (Contessa)
5.1 First Japanese Grand Prix conquest
5.2 Challenge and company team is organized
5.3 New GT Proto and New Engine
5.4 Wining in the first round at Fuji Motor Speedway
6. The Yankee who became the samurai
6.1 A come‐from‐behind victory of the wonder which goes out
6.2 Race will sells the car!
6.3 Pete Brock Project
6.4 Victory! L.A. Times grand prix
7. The history where the samurai is cut off
7.1 Run maneuvers of "Pete's dream"
7.2 Secret project
7.3 Directing to 4th Japanese grand prix
7.4 Beginning an introduction of tragedy
8. Conclusion: Count lady (Contessa) of tragedy
8.1 Interim of BC (Nissan&Toyota) war and car import freeing
8.2 Elegance competition(Concours de Elegance)
8.3 The next model plan which is enthusiastic
8.4 The time to descition
Verification & Summary
8. Conclusion: Count lady (Contessa) of tragedy
Verification & Summary


Today, how many people know a car to call Hino Contessa ? Hino Motors has been told public car production from the World War II past. After WW II, they cooperated with French Renault company and became domestic production of Renault 4CV. Hino Motors participated in the second Japan GP (1964) with the domestic first formula car called "Del Contessa", and they bet the future of the company and exerted energy and gave Hino Contessa 1300 of own company technology to the worldwide.

A specific part is merely emphasized only by telling the history, and it being inherited. Then, it is easy to be succeeded with a distortion. In the world of the mass media such as "Project-x", Japanese sometimes enshrine one part then it is easy to be isolated in a story of tears. The truth cannot become known in such a thing. The best method is to understand reality of those days with real goods, namely exisiting Hino Cars. Furthermore, a party making an effort whom it holds it in it now (projects and motorsports), and and still working for improving HIno Contessa redardless of countries discuss the origin, the history, the present conditions faithfully, then it should be validated. 

This site is aimed for such contents, and a section of the history of here, contents of the site whole assume with such a purpose. Judging from business side, an industrial aspect, Hino contessa is minor very much. I owned it for a long term and lived together. If I have insight as one of enthusiast and can make clear aboutI various matter, I am happy for the efforts of Hino people at those days and extending a status of existing Hino cars improved with latest technology by the efforts of 24/7/365 base of the owner, and I am great If I can correctly hand down the history of the Hino Contessa that was born for an industrial founding a state of Japan to the next generation.

I want to be thankful to HINO MOTORS which obtained great cooperation in information arrangement over many years, and its persons concerned as well as my friends supported on this site. (Satoshi Ezawa, Site Owner, hereafter SE)

A magazine advertisement of those days by HIno : Motor Fan (February of 1967)
The times of releasing the market of Hino Contessa 1300, I was still a high school student. Contessa 1300 was a flowing style a shape, especially a front look low. It was seeing in the dream making into one's thing Contessa seen in the town in the future. Meanwhile, I saw an advertisement in the above and have changed an image for Hino Contessa 1300. In fact, not a neat and clean woman car, it was a car of an active guy. A heart was attracted by the angle that seemed to really jump out in a circuit track. It was the advertisement that was to make up its mind when I wanted to really have such a car in my hand.
In addition, it was recognized that a photograph of Riverside race Track in here could pass in a secret being hidden by after 25 years. When a magical power of marketing was terrible, I felt that a magical power of marketing is terrific. (It will be clear in other page)

Explanation of an above advertisement
HIno Contessa won the championship magnificently
Times Grand Prix, Sedan Race, Class C
9th L.A. Times GP, California, U.S.A.
Ability of the Contessa coupe which exceeded a higher class
HIno Contessa Coupe showed an overwhelming strength in Times Grand Prix sedan race of West Coast biggest race in Riverside of Los Angeles on October 30, and temples won the championship at C (1000cc - 1300cc). Contessa Coupe got over a car of a higher class including Mustang, Dodge, andCortina GT, and recorded splendid results. As for the contessa coupe, the superior high efficiency, the durability, the cornering were exposed to great admiration of many spectators more than 80,000.
It is a team name of Hino playing an active part in Hino Contessa Coupe for west coast race in U.S.A. Peter Brock, a chief driver well known as the new star designer who designed AC COBRA named it. The Team Samurai with the Japanese flag, and fight in one place after another is a popular mark at a destination.
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