Hino's Dream、Entrusting to Contessa Una Tragedia Della Contessa
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Mission - Handed down to next gene ratio in the footsteps of Hino Contessa 1300 just two years and seven months!
The descent of Hino to Contessa 1300
Major events about Contessa 1300

New - Hino's Dream、Entrusting to Contessa
1. Contessa 1300 which bets future of the company
1.1 Debut to year of Tokyo Olympics
1.2 The straw of barley hat which could be sold in large quantities
1.3 Announcement - Car of tomorrow from Torino, Italy
1.4 Tokyo motor show which designates liberalize of Japan's trade as before
2. Count lady (Contessa) to created
2.1 The Origin, Hoshiko-ism
2.2 Why was Renault 4CV selected?
2.3 Technical acquisition to complete domestic production
2.4 The parting with Renault
2.5 Appearance of a special night‐duty squad
3. Encounter with Michelotti
3.1 At Torino bar
3.2 The Contessa 1300 plan
3.3 Gift of Michelotti - 900 Sprint
3.4 The marketing plan which goes out
4. The birth of Contessa 1300
4.1 Creating high quality RR engine
4.2 Exciting argument with Michelotti
4.3 Towarding to the completion of Contessa 1300
5. The challenge of Count lady (Contessa)
5.1 First Japanese Grand Prix conquest
5.2 Challenge and company team is organized
5.3 New GT Proto and New Engine
5.4 Wining in the first round at Fuji Motor Speedway
6. The Yankee who became the samurai
6.1 A come‐from‐behind victory of the wonder which goes out
6.2 Race will sells the car!
6.3 Pete Brock Project
6.4 Victory! L.A. Times grand prix
7. The history where the samurai is cut off
7.1 Run maneuvers of "Pete's dream"
7.2 Secret project
7.3 Directing to 4th Japanese grand prix
7.4 Beginning an introduction of tragedy
8. Conclusion: Count lady (Contessa) of tragedy
8.1 Interim of BC (Nissan&Toyota) war and car import freeing
8.2 Elegance competition(Concours de Elegance)
8.3 The next model plan which is enthusiastic
8.4 The time to descition
Verification & Summary
8. Conclusion: Count lady (Contessa) of tragedy
Verification & Summary
New - Hino's Dream、Entrusting to Contessa
(In Working:2004.07.23)
1. Contessa 1300 which bets future of the company 6. The Yankee who becomes the samurai
2. Count lady (Contessa) to created 7. The history where the samurai is cut off
3. Encounter with Michelotti 8. Conclusion: Count lady (Contessa) of tragedy
4. The birth of Contessa 1300 Verification & Summary
5. The challenge of Count lady (Contessa)

Hino's Dream、Entrusting to Contessa
Una Tragedia Della Contessa

Fall of 1964,, Hino Motors, Ltd. (hereafter, Hino) announced new model car "Contessa 1300" with Tokyo motor show as before. It has aimed at not only a Japanese market but the world market with the technology of the car engineering of the rational rear engine architecture since the domestic production of the French Renault during postwar restoration and rapid growth and the sprit of "GAS-DEN DAMASHII" (the way of Gas electric, the spirit of former company of Hino) since Tokyo Gas electricity industrial of pre-world war II under the basis of grand entrepreneurship.

Japan was the time which people committed violently intently aiming at development of Japan, development of a company, and improvement in a life as a process to a subsequent economic big power in 1950 to the 60s. In the meantime, aiming at the industrial establishment of a state, introduction of technological know-hows, technical cooperation, and many policys for protecting Japan's growth from foreign funding further were given from many foreign countries at an early stage. Trade liberalization, capital liberalization, etc. promote free competition in such environment, and it was also what obstructs it simultaneously. Not only Japan but many outstanding industrial products evaluated globally were produced in that time. However, there was also a thing with the fate which cannot but disappear without dominating a market against a developer's romance. Isn't Contessa 1300 one of them, either?

Old car enthusiast is easy to fall, to such as superiority of design of the love car which is owned or superiority of mechanism to have interest in the part where simply it touches the eye. Although it does not deny by it, if it sees in contact with a car through the thick thought of a maker, a developer, and the persons concerned as romance with considering the cultural background and ecomonocal environment which the past car has had. Especially to Hino Contessa 1300, I think that the fatal portion would be in the life and death in the history of development of the auto industry of Japan. This series investigates what thing this was.

A catalog of those days: Probably, popularization of motorization was planned. Since Hino Commerce (Samll Mini Van), the catalog of Hino had many techniques of drawing the pleasure of the motoring which took such a time in advance.


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