The birth of Contessa 1300
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Mission - Handed down to next gene ratio in the footsteps of Hino Contessa 1300 just two years and seven months!
The descent of Hino to Contessa 1300
Major events about Contessa 1300

New - Hino's Dream、Entrusting to Contessa
1. Contessa 1300 which bets future of the company
1.1 Debut to year of Tokyo Olympics
1.2 The straw of barley hat which could be sold in large quantities
1.3 Announcement - Car of tomorrow from Torino, Italy
1.4 Tokyo motor show which designates liberalize of Japan's trade as before
2. Count lady (Contessa) to created
2.1 The Origin, Hoshiko-ism
2.2 Why was Renault 4CV selected?
2.3 Technical acquisition to complete domestic production
2.4 The parting with Renault
2.5 Appearance of a special night‐duty squad
3. Encounter with Michelotti
3.1 At Torino bar
3.2 The Contessa 1300 plan
3.3 Gift of Michelotti - 900 Sprint
3.4 The marketing plan which goes out
4. The birth of Contessa 1300
4.1 Creating high quality RR engine
4.2 Exciting argument with Michelotti
4.3 Towarding to the completion of Contessa 1300
5. The challenge of Count lady (Contessa)
5.1 First Japanese Grand Prix conquest
5.2 Challenge and company team is organized
5.3 New GT Proto and New Engine
5.4 Wining in the first round at Fuji Motor Speedway
6. The Yankee who became the samurai
6.1 A come‐from‐behind victory of the wonder which goes out
6.2 Race will sells the car!
6.3 Pete Brock Project
6.4 Victory! L.A. Times grand prix
7. The history where the samurai is cut off
7.1 Run maneuvers of "Pete's dream"
7.2 Secret project
7.3 Directing to 4th Japanese grand prix
7.4 Beginning an introduction of tragedy
8. Conclusion: Count lady (Contessa) of tragedy
8.1 Interim of BC (Nissan&Toyota) war and car import freeing
8.2 Elegance competition(Concours de Elegance)
8.3 The next model plan which is enthusiastic
8.4 The time to descition
Verification & Summary
8. Conclusion: Count lady (Contessa) of tragedy
Verification & Summary
New - Hino's Dream、Entrusting to Contessa
(In Working:2004.07.23)
4. The birth of Contessa 1300
4.1 Creating high quality RR engine 4.3 Towarding to the completion of Contessa 1300
4.2 Exciting argument with Michelotti

4. The birth of Contessa 1300

The public announcement and sales of Contessa 1300 was in 1964 September, but Hino Motors, Ltd. (hereafter Hino) has been decided the basic design regarding Contessa 1300 in May,1961, then, in August, the overall requirment specification was sent to Michelotti which requests the body design. And the same time, the development of the new engine had already started. It was the technical challenge or war about the issue of the heat against the cooling as the engineer because of the big engine scaled up based on Contessa 900 as the rear engine .

After starting Contessa 1300 sales in Japan, It was made an exhibition at Parry show in Renault's home ground, and this picture with the Eiffel Tower was distributed for presses. The encounter with Michelotti was Monsieur Eiffel's introduction. And it was CONTESSA 1300 ripened based on Renault's technology. Into this one picture, it is felt that the respect to a teacher and the background of such a history.


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