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Think in the Contessa 900 Sprint

The Hino Contessa 900 Sprint was reported greatly by the gravure of Nostalgic Hero (bi-monthly magazine in Japan) of October, 1990 issue. The Hino Contessa 900 Sprint became surely beautiful. I also had a chance to see the sprint at Hino head office, and saw it at Nitta factory by an arrangement of Mr. Arai when the car was storaged in there. As for me, it is not yet forgot to have told me that people of a factory expext to clean up this car in the future and want to exhibit it. Anyway, this dream for this important piece as the history of a Japanese car was realized somehow, and we are relieved.

By the way, when I had insight and tried to think, I felt as if it was slightly complicated. Probably I included anyone who knows this car image the car runs with a light jaunty and springy such as the picture of Motor Fan (April, 1963 issue) before a quarter century? In addition, the driver imagines oneself, then Will it still change?

I want the Hino Contessa 900 Sprint has power to be able to have and to run eternally as far as Hino Contessa 900 Sprint is a "car". Our contessa came to keep a condition to be near to a new car by an effort of ten several years now after a part was short. This is to run as much as possible as well as an appearance. This considers some our Contessa is playing an active part in motor sports such as a race even today by personal efforts. A method to improve performance is still the same with old days, and either a factory team or a private club is also the same. A car needs a very big effort to run particularly properly.

By the way, how will be the sprint that appeared in Nostalgic Hero? By all odds, like our contessa, a sprint does not seem to run. Will it be fine in this? This may be a feeling of certain preconception, and it may be only me.

I expect we see cheerful Contessa Sprint 900 at various events by coming in running condition. It is an earl woman of our admiration is beautiful and cheerful, not an earl woman of the heavy makeup that grew old that legs were enfeebled. And Hino Contessa 900 Sprint competes in strength with our Contessa in a turnpike of Hakone if possible, and I expect to join to Tsukuba or Fuji speedway events After all if it runs, Hino Contessa 900 Sprint is a "car", and a car is the same as 1/1 plastic models if it does not run.

I have written that I wanted to say in various ways. Why? In the Contessa Sprint 900 it in the form in the room not only lying, we would like to have becoming a condition where it can run cheerfully. A fund is necessary for this, too, but technology is necessary, too. About technology in particularin, it is necessary the know-how to run a lost car of a part, and it is different from technology to develop a new car. Fortunately, we have accumulation of the know-how passing for 10 plus several years. Possibly we can see cheerful Contessa Sprint 900 that run properly if we helped it? Will there be that I think in this way only with me? How will be Hino? (Specification & Brochure, related information)

The Contessa Sprints 900 was exhibited in the 44th Turin Auto Show (It was held at 1962.10.31-11.8). The above is a clipping from Motor Fan (Photo by Tsunoda). In the its description "Hino Contessa Coupe": It is Michelotti fabriced beautiful two door sports coupe on a chasis of Contessa of 893cc rear engine. Michelotti is a student of Farina, and usage of a line is Farina-like, but brightness filled with youth is a characteristic. The kind of line which flows by this car especially is beautiful (A commentaryby Kurita).
The Contessa Sprints 900 has been kept in Gunma's Nitta factory (Pictured in 1982.12.4)
Doing to put on make-up, it was displayed in the Hino head office (Pictured in the same time with the above Nostalgic Hero)

(Satoshi Ezawa, Chiba, JAPAN, 2005.4.10 (Revised), 1990.9.30 (Original))

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