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Nissan GTP & Hino Contesssa

A TV program "MOTORLAND" of TV Tokyo on July 17 (*.1) was special features of American IMSA - International MotorSports Association. And it was a large special feature of Nissan GTP-ZX which accomplished five IMSA history first successive victories with Watkins Glenn of July 3 now. I think that many people enjoyed it. I watched this and hit on a title such as the above and wrote this report.

This title is two cars of completely-affiliated Nissan GTP and Hino Contessa which there does not seem to be. How do all of you think? In fact, I do it in say that I can bind it together in a certain line.

The production of blue painted GTP of Number - 83 that is running fast now started at Davendorf Racing and Electramotive of El Segundo in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California in 1984. Of course a plan is considerably from front of it. Body & chassis was designed in British Lora Cars by some idea, and a real car was finally finished in Electramotive. And, Nissan based VG30 engine ultimately souped up by Electramotive was put on the body. The test was pushed forward in Riverside Speedway. The season of 1985 seems to have ended car itself by maturing. Next year 1986 matured considerably. However, they met with various troubles such as racing tire which is non-maturity of Bridgestone which leaves a trail for a long time afterwards and a problem of a merciless noise to a computer control system. Then, the unbelievablel speed of the a little over 900hp became a famous thing. But it was not true ability. It was always forced to a hard fight almost afterwards in the finals in spite of being pole position in a semi-final. However, the competitive speed was already no match for Porsche and Jaguar of factory teams. Meanwhile, the improvement was pushed forward in 1988. It was re-design of chassis and body shape.

By the way, I will try to introduce core peole affecting Nissan GTP here:

John Knepp: He is the president of Electramotive of VG30 racing engine development. He worked for Datsun 510 and Z-car as driver of transporter and electronics engineer in BRE (Brock Racing Enterprises) of Pete Brock Pete Brock in the late 60's. In those days, Pete has been still used Hin's RB truck which Hino left as BRE's main transporter and it was with Chevy V8 engine by BRE. Pete was dissolved in BRE and John Knepp succeeded the work and established Electramotive, then reach it at the present. Now. Electramotive is related to Nissan throughout.

Don Davendorf: He is the owner of Davendorf Racing and is famous racing driver with Nissan Z-car and car number 83. He aimed at four classes of conquest (GTP, GTO, GTU, and GTA) of IMSA program, but unfortunately became a doctor stop in late GTP era. He handled it from a test of GTP which he developed with oneself to driver on all activiries until 1986 season by oneself. Furthermore, what is surprised do not have Racing team by a main occupation for him. It is the extension line top of a hobby. His main occupation is an electronic engineer of R&D of Hughes Aircraft. Namely, he is a salaried worker. He is the superman of recing industry with seven different faces, namely the president, the racing driver, the design & building engineer for racing car, wind tunnel, computer hardware & program, and having family. That's the reason why he is called Klark Kent of racing world. He makes racing buisness with John Knepp for a long time.

John Morton: He goes for a drive in GTP now with Jeff Brabham who is a son of famous Jack Brabham. He is covered to a shadow of Jeff in Japan and does not come out to many lists, but he is the super first-class driver - to attract very much in U.S.A. He was employed as fabricator and driver of Shelby American in the era that Pete was in their. After the BRE establishment of Pete, he was hired as fabricator and driver by Pete. Then he shined to legendary 3 years consecutive titleholders in Datsun 510 and Z-Car with a Pete in early 70's. This is the reason why Nissan car really extended sales to greatly in U.S.A. Quiet John is always a person with charm for a human being.

Trevor Harris: He is God of a design of a chassis of racing cars. He deals with most of the advanced racing car's chassis designs such as BRE related cars, Shadow, and Mirage including past Hino Constessa, Hino Samurai and Toyota 7 by Pete Brck called JP6 (or J6) with Toyota 2000GT power unit.

Yoshitaka Suzuka: He designs GTP body and produces strong downforce with a wind tunnel designed and built by himself. He finds employment in HPE speed shop (Tokyo) owned by Bob Dunham and Kimio Yamanishi at the time of admiration in Pete Brock after ISUZU and experiences production of stock car and maintenance of Racing Contessa of Mr. Sunaga. Afterwards, he moved with Bob in U.S.A. and found a job in BRE, then he acted for 510 and Z-Car of John Morton in U.S.A. He was in charge of Indy car afterwards, then he participated in Nissan GTP development more at first to date.

The above should be all of core people that affects Nissan GTP. Now, you may understand. So, It dates back to Pete Brock of the Hino era. It was not going to see it and was able to bind it together in a big line. It may be said that it is Pete Brock connection. All of you understood such a thing, and it will be the thing that becomes more interesting when you watch activity of future Nissan GTP.

By the way, why is Nissan GTP of this year so fast? As for the newly-designed original chassis, VG30 (even if I said, nothing came to remain of the original part of Nissan) under stable computer control, the refined aerodynamics perofrmance, and changing to Goodyear from Bridgestone as the biggest stability element. U.S.A. Nissan seems to have wanted to reduce a budget last year, but they consider favorable condition of this year, and the Japanese Nissan seems to want a car, too. After all a person saying the technical aging needs time in its own way. It takes time of approximately 5 years till Davendorf Racing and Electramotive make this GTP success. However, it has accumulation of the know-how of a long term from the past for it to be possible. I consider it as the process that is most difficult in the society which pursues organized ability than experience in Japanese organization. By the way, a design of new car is on going since last year, and it seems that probably it comes out to next season. It is neither March nor Lora, it should become completely original.

It will be for this smooth Nissan GTP program to make glory of 510 and Z-car by BRE in 70's again in U.S.A. in future. I think that it is reported in Japan too. Being similar wanted you to remember that there was such a scenery then, and I wrote a report.@

Legendary famous Nissan GTP - Designed and Drawn by Yoshi Suzuka

Nissan after the active retiring GTP: Palm Springs Vintage of November 1995 and Driver is legendary Mr. John Morton (Vintage Motorsport)

*.1 A description is a thing at the time of 1988. Please read this contents while imaging those days in 1988)

(Satoshi Ezawa, Chiba, JAPAN, 2005.7.9 (Revised), 1988.7.19 (Original)

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