Validation of The Hino GR100 Engine by Simulation Software (Continued - Relation with Honda)
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Validation of The Hino GR100 Engine by Simulation Software

For "Validation of The Hino GR100 Engine by Simulation Software", I had the valuable opinion from Dr. Suzuki who is "The Father of the GR100" that seemed to be much efficiency (the output) when a GR100 engine lived long as "a life of an engine". Life of the engine which played an active part enough in the world quite gets a horsepower of around 2 times by for 20-30 years and a life. Therefore, GR100 gets more than 120HP, too. It was 160HP (this, perhaps, 1600cc) in last form and a reassuring answer. We want to make an effort for reinforcement of GR100 as "an adoptive parent" by the force that we became comfortably from now on. Dr. Suzuki, thank you very much.

By the way, the engineer of GR and YE28 (Hino Proto) moved to Honda after gasoline engine withdrawal of Hino. It is not known that they were in charge including an FI engine of those days very much publicly. Honda does not say such a thing by oneself, too. I think they were a core to reform the grand design which is eccentric of a S500 base to be a general industrial product. 1300cc of an air-cooling was able to considerably suddenly change to a general engine in spite of being an air-cooling as the proof (a guess). Besides, a boa * stroke accords with YE28, and it is the dray-sump system as well as YE28. As for the later water-cooled engine, a boa * stroke became 72*82mm (1300cc), and it was a long stroke same as GR100. It plays an active part as an engine of Honda for a long time all over the world.

Companies are different, but I want to think that technology (person itself) is succeeded to absolutely in that. I believe that DNA of GR100 which was life of two years lives with ranges in Hino.

An engineer of a chasis of contessa transfers to Honda in those days, too. The wheel became PCD 120mm the same as contessa from 1300cc of an air-cooled engine. This is not regarded as agreement of merely accident. Honda converted it into Civic afterwards and converted it into a light car more. Perhaps it must have been excellent results on depreciation side jigs and so on.

An engineer creates a product with own experience and proof with new technology along a business (a company) strategy. Honda got an engineer and should have realized reduction of vast development costs and development period shortening. These are technical tradition (the succession or inheritance). Contessa does not seem to be life of more than 2 years when we watch it for such an aspect.

Use of Enkei Dish (5JX13) for Honda Civic
Use of Italy FPS (5JX13) for Honda Civic

(Satoshi Ezawa, Chiba, JAPAN, 2004.11.13 (Revised), 2004.10.11 (Original)

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