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A lessen learned from old age married couple
at Denver, Colorado in U.S.A

Last year (2001), I invested myself to a thing such as a business school about engineering technology for study. I went to get a class and an authorization examination in circumstances three times, Colorado, Denver for one week in the last week of every month from June to August. It is attending school to need time of a trip of 20 hours in one way door-to-door.

At the end of July, I had it to spare all day long and went for a drive by a rent-a-car. As you know, Denver is mecca of training of marathon in highlands more than 1000m. There are splendid mountain road when we go to the mountains ground (a national park) more from the city of Denver. Besides, there is highlands more than 2000m and it is out of breath when we get off a car and walk.

I found Spitfire of bright blue Michelotti Design of an aged man girl couple in the middle of the drive. Because they ran slowly, they have overtaken it. I wanted to watch a rear view of Spitfire and turned around behind. However, they stopped a little as ever on a shoulder and were slow. I did passing again. And I looked at their going down a mountain in a place with a car stopper. And they talked me.

We did very common coversation such as very nice car and condition and designing by Michelloti. Then I asked them why you drive so slowly in here. Their answer was "we are a member of Colorado High Mountain Classic Car Club, and we pick up garbage dropped by a road in this beautiful place in Sunday morning". I had a step of the seat next to the driver of a back room of beautiful Spitfire show a lot of garbage such as an empty can, and I was very surprised.

I was made to admire a way of thinking to perform a volunteer with one's beloved car as well as the way of car hobby and even an individual does such a thing with very positive thinking and living an honest life, then I said good-by. When we got old in the near future, I felt that it seemed to want to be them.

I would attach thier photograph with respect in the below:

A splendid couple and Bule Spitfire at Maountain Road in Denver.
May the rear of a seat imagine that it is a large quantity of garbage?

A wife lengthens a hand from the inside of car here and picks up garbage of a shoulder.
The forest of beautiful Denver is protected in this way

(Satoshi Ezawa, Chiba, JAPAN, 2004.11.23 (Revised), 2002.6.19 (Original))

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