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Mission - Handed down to next gene ratio in the footsteps of Hino Contessa 1300 just two years and seven months!
Renault Hino (1953) KD Production
Hino Contessa 1300 Coupe: Delux Model and Standard Model
Reference: The model of postwar Hino's passenger car, Regie Renault: The Renault 4CV (Early model for U.S.A. market)
Tokyo Motor Show Special - 50th Anniversary (J)
Hino Commerce Special (50th Year's Cerebration) (J)
Hino Contessa 900 Special (50th Year's Cerebration) (J)
Number of Production
Number of Current Registration in Japan (J)
Hino Cars Global Census Project (J)
Video Clips
Commercial picture of Hino Contessa 1300 Coupe
Toyota Briska 1300 (Only existing one)

Hino Cars: Specification
Del Dandy Touring (1968)

Customized Model - Del Dandy Touring
General Description (from the document in those days)

Customized vehicle, Del Dandy Touring is four passengers coupe that is based on Hino PD300 model that aimed to put an ability of accelerating performance more than other commercial sports cars.

The differentiation with Hino PD300 model is as follows:

  • It attached importance high-class atmosphere as well as sporty feeling that especially considered comfortable compartment and interior, and also implemented enough crash pad with all black toned floor mat, roof, all seats, and interior.
  • Without changing body lines and shapes, it realized higher quality feeling more than regular PD300 with implementing newly designed grills, bumpers, and so on with quality chrome.
  • Toyota V8 engine was used for getting acceleration capability that is the purpose of this customization as highest priority.
  • Furthermore, in addition to the above, the suspension, spring and the shock absorber, etc it assured the improvement of driving stability greatly.
  • Because the overhang based on the center of rear axle is much longer by large engine, two radiators with electric fun were installed in each read side in order to get better weight balance as well as reducing power loss.
Customized Vehicle - Maojor Specification
Type Hino PD300 Modified Class xxx
Manufacturer Del Racing Motor Company Ltd.
Chassis Hino PD300 Classification Regular Four Wheeled
Name of Body None Purpose Passenger
Dry Weight kg Name DEL
Seat capacity 4 total Type PD300 Modified
Max. Load kg xxx Body Type Boxed Construction
Total Weight kg xxx Type of Engine Toyota V8
Dimensions Length m 4.170 Capacity (cc) 2599
x--ditto-- Width m 1,570 Type of Fuel Gasoline
x--ditto-- Hieght m 1.330 xxx
Passenger Length m 1.645 Wheelbase m 2.280
Compartment Width m 1.280 overhang 1.08
x--ditto-- Hieght m 1.130 Carrier Offset xxx
Dary Wieght Front   xxx Tires (Front) 6.50-13-4pr
x--ditto-- Rear xxx Tires (Rear) 6.50-13-4pr
Load Wieght Front xxx Load Wieght Front Tire xxx
x--ditto-- Rear xxx x--ditto-- Rear Tire xxx
xxx Max. Stable Angle Right xxx
Tread Front m 1.290 x--ditto-- Left xxx
x--ditto-- Rear m 1.280 Date Cutomized xxx
Chassis Number PD300101920 xxx xxx
General Name Del Dandy Touring

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